4 Things to Do in St. Kitts


If you’re planning a St. Kitts vacation here at Belle Mont Farm, we are happy to welcome you and show you around our beautiful island. Here are some of our favorite things to do and see in St. Kitts!

Hike Mount Liamuiga

Like many of its Caribbean neighbors, the island of St. Kitts was formed by volcanoes, all of which are now dormant. The island’s tallest is Mount Liamuiga, which is thought to have last erupted some 200 years ago. Active, energetic visitors can hike through pristine tropical forest to its summit, a mile-wide volcanic crater known as the “Giant’s Salad Bowl.” The views from the top are amazing!

Enjoy Local St. Kitts Restaurants

If you’re looking for a unique, authentic experience during your St. Kitts getaway, allow us to arrange a visit with our friend Mugsy at Reef Bar and Grill for some fresh, local lobster!

Also worth checking out is Sprat Net, a casual outdoor dinner experience where you can mingle with locals and other tourists over fresh seafood, live music and views of the Caribbean Sea.

Check Out St. Kitts Attractions

Our Half Day Island Tour includes a trip to Brimstone Hill Fortress, an outstanding, well-preserved example of 17th- and 18th-century military architecture. It is both a fantastic place to learn about Caribbean history, as well as enjoy a picnic lunch while taking in gorgeous panoramic views.

If you want to bring home a one-of-a-kind souvenir from your St. Kitts vacation, allow us to arrange a trip to the Caribelle Batik. Watch the artists expertly demonstrate batik techniques and provide a full narration of the ancient art form and its history. Then, browse the bright and colorful shop where no two pieces are exactly alike.

Keep an Eye Out for Vervet Monkeys          

It’s said that St. Kitts is so fertile that even the monkeys are green, and it’s not uncommon to see them hanging around our farm! Their ancestors were the escaped pets of 17th-century French settlers, and they’ve been thriving in our tropical climate ever since.

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